Contact Legislators

Your voice is critical. It's important to contact your elected officials and make it heard. Our collective voice, when we all do our part has a significant impact. 


 Remember, it's not about being right, if that were the case we would have been winning all these years. It's about knowing your audience, talking to them where they are and being persuasive. 

•Who are the decision makers?

•What are their issues?
•What are their personal passions?
•Who influences them?
•How much influence do they have?
•What has past behavior shown?
•What’s motivates them?

it is crucial that we make our voices heard through the media, both social and traditional forms. If you are especially interested in a particular issue, write, call, or arrange to visit your elected representatives to let them know where you stand. Write letters to the editor or opinion columns to your local newspaper, television or radio outlet, and relevant Blogs and other Internet forums, listed separately on this page. Your opinions matter, but only if you express them.

Tips for talking with your representatives:
•Familiarize yourself with all aspects of the issue

•Know the arguments for and against

•Know everything you can about your audience

•Practice talking about it as much as you can


Be respectful​: Be the most reasonable person in the room.
Be specific about your ask and provide a timeline for response/action
Be positive and ask for continued dialog
Be brief
Build a Relationship for the long-term, if possible
Follow up in writing: Thank you and a confirmation of the commitments and asks from each party and get their response in writing!

Share Stories - It is critical to know and present your case factually, but legislators always tell us that (any particular issue, if it is the case, does not exist within their constituencies) Real and many stories for what life really looks and feels like are critically important. It is also imperative that we send messages to them that specific situations are not isolated and remind them that we are growing power in their respective districts to hold them accountable to  these concerns.​​​

The Idaho Legislature calendar is here.

Senate and House Calendars are updated by 5pm daily check the schedule here:

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The United States House of Representatives schedule is here.

The Idaho Secretary of State Elections Calendar is here.

Other useful information for Idaho voters is here.